Buffalo diving in the Sand River

Posted on September 17, 2010

While crossing the Sand River, the water was quite a bit deeper than expected.

On drive with Don and Pam yesterday afternoon we stopped at the Sand river to view the sunset and see what activity there was around the river. We came across a couple of male Buffalo on the Northern Bank of the river. Some of them were on an Island in the middle where they wanted to cross to get to the rest of the herd.

The first male got into the water, took a plunge and looked up in shock, as if he felt humiliated that he got dunked. The rest of the buffalo made it through the river without too much trouble, until the last buffalo made his way into the river. He was a couple of steps behind the rest and decided to leap into the river, this probably not being the best decision. As he got into the water, it was a lot deeper than the area where the rest had gone in, he was totally submerged under the surface of the water as he popped out just as quickly as he went in.
This followed by a good chuckle on the vehicle as he looked very shocked that this had happened to him, it sent the rest of the males running through the water getting onto the northern bank of the river.

This was a brilliant way to end of the afternoon drive with the sun bright red on the horizon next to the beautiful sand river.

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  1. Shoot Heinrich that’s funny.

    Reminds me of the old joke, ‘What’s the difference between a Buffalo and a Bison"?………………Answer, "You can’t wash your hands in a Buffalo"!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, we got stuck one night right after sundowners. This was about five years ago. Rear exle dropped into a huge hole. Had to call Marius to come and pull us out. I won’t say who our driver was…he was pretty embarrassed.

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