Bringing the African bush to you live!

Posted on July 2, 2009

Leopard Hills is proud to announce that we will be bringing more engaging Bush Experiences live to your computer in an exciting new way.

As of the end of last year, 2008, Seasons In Africa, the Leopard Hills Marketing Company, diversified and took over an Operational role in Djuma Private Game Reserve. Djuma is situated in the north east sector of the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, comprising of three Lodges;, Vuyatela, Bush Lodge and the self catering Camp Galago. Djuma has an exclusive 7000 hectare traversing area, bordering the western boundary of the Kruger National Park.

I have personally had the privilege of being involved in the operations since we took over last year, and it has been a frenetic six months since we took over this role, revamping the Lodges and getting to know this wonderful product and the wonderful people involved there on the ground. We are presently creating a brand new website and hope to have this and the new Djuma Weblog up and running in the very near future.

Based at the Vuyatela Lodge Facility is a Company called Wild Earth who have been instrumental in pioneering the development of Wild Earth TV where they broadcast three live game drives a day from the Djuma Private Game Reserve and have a number of fixed cameras at certain waterholes, which enable real time live viewing twenty four hours a day, from the comfort of your home or office. This is also an interactive service where anyone can ask the presenter questions via a text chat facility in real-time from a computer anywhere in the world., The presenter will then address the questions as they come in, thereby creating an engaging two-way conversation with people all over the world. In addition to this, three times a week there are “Fire Side Chats”, where presenters and guests discuss all kinds of bush related topics, and again encouraging people around the world to interact and ask questions. This is a unique product, offering live broadcasts, and inviting real time bush experiences into peoples homes and offices.

As exciting as this is, we intend taking it one step further by bringing Leopard Hills into the mix with regular Fire Side Chats live from the Lodge, and by positioning some cameras around the Reserve at set waterholes that many of you have come to know so well, including a camera position at the top of the Hills, looking out over the view from the main deck, allowing anyone in the world access to a live feed of this view on a daily basis. In time, we also hope to be able to do some live game drives from Leopard Hills as well, putting you right there with us on some memorable safaris around this magnificent piece of bush that we are privileged to call home.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, we have built the live feed into our weblog, which will be available to you 24 hours a day, streaming live video footage of game drives and waterholes in the Djuma Game reserve. You can find this video stream simply by clicking on the “Live Web Cam” link in the main menu of our weblog, or by clicking on the link below:

Djuma Live Web Cam Video Stream

The daily Game Drive schedule is listed below the video player.

We would appreciate your feedback on this planned endeavor.

22 thoughts on “Bringing the African bush to you live!

  1. Hi
    I already am looking a lot at the Djuma drive’s that are broadcasted at wildearth and i love it.

    Glad to hear Leopard Hills supports!

  2. Absolutely amazing. I can’t stay away from the website now.
    Watched the incredible video clip of the battle of lions with buffalo yesterday, but can’t find it anymore.
    Where is it?

  3. Roswita, to answer your question, the video that you were watching yesterday was live footage and the battle of the lions and buffalo was happening in real-time as you were watching it. The video continuously streams live video, so it isn’t possible to go back to a scene from the past. There is however an archive of video footage which is kept on the wildearch TV website.
    Go to and do a search of the archives for a particular scene…

  4. Just to add a point here, this is why we are so excited about this venture and the ability to be able to bring "real time" game drive footage directly to your computer, it is simply incredible what is being achieved here, and the potential for the future. That is why we are so pleased that Leopard Hills is going to be joining forces with Wild Earth as well.

  5. Hello Duncan, So in addition to the WildEarth drives and views from gowrie waterhole, are you saying that more of the game reserve will be shown by setting up cameras in different locales?
    This would be a very welcome addition to what we are currently enjoying at WildEarth. More viewing in areas we have not been able to see. I can tell you this, with all the viewing we are able to do, more would be even better. I think it also increases our desires to go to Africa and see it first hand which in turn is good for Djuma and tourism.

  6. Penny Hi, you are correct. Up until now the web cams and drives have been conducted from Djuma Private Game Reserve which is situated in the North Western Sector of the Sabi Sand Reserve. We want to add some more cams across here at Leopard Hills, situate a few at some of our very productive water holes and one on top of the hill where the Lodge is situated, looking out over the clearings and water hole in front of the Lodge.
    Up until now this has not been possible due to the slow speed of our internet connection out here, but we hope to have that rectified by October with a new set up and be able to offer you the same service that you get from Djuma. As you say, always nice to see another part of the Reserve.

  7. That is certainly good news…Thank you so much for responding. I will be watching and waiting to see how you are progressing with this incredible opportunity to enhance our viewing of Africa and the wildlife that abounds.

  8. Hi. I have a wildlife cam discussion forum and we are very excited to hear that more cams are coming. I was wondering if you could clarify a couple things for my members. Is the Leopard Hills cam operation going to be independant of Wildearth or a combined effort? Do you also plan to have daily game drives or just the stationary cams?

  9. We are most definitely doing this in conjunction with Wild Earth as Djuma and Leopard Hills are, as of the end of last year, connected on an operational level.

    At this stage we are introducing the concept on this side of the Reserve and as soon as we have the necessary technical logistics set up, hopefully by October, we will initially launch some static cams, with the hope of progressing with this to some live game drives as well.

    In the mean time we will be doing some footage to introduce everyone to some of our Leopards and Lion Prides and we will also be conducting some fire side chats, hopefully within the next week or so,to introduce the plans for Leopard Hills.

    Watch this space for more information.

  10. Thank you for the quick reply. Good luck with the venture and looking forward to seeing everything that Leopard Hills has to offer.

  11. Hi Duncan, this indeed is excellent news. Already watch wildearth daily, so another cam on the western sector of SS will be tremendous. More time in front of the screen!! Thanks very much

  12. So, what about us on the other side of the world? Do we get up in the middle of the night? Or are you going to have game drives and cameras placed at water holes with lights in the darkness for us Californians?

    Just kidding with great affection.

  13. Hi Suzanne. I can relate to your comment. It is 2am (or there abouts) in SA and I take a look about this time every day here in CA (6pm ish). So far, have not viewed anything exciting…but ya never know what things go bump in the night. I can’t wait to see the LH cams when they go live!!!!

    Hugs to all in LH!
    Joy in Camarillo CA

  14. Duncan…thank you so much for having Pieter and Herman from WildEarth join you for a couple of days. They both were so excited about everything they saw and have been telling the viewers all about their experience. I hope you can make it to the Fire Side Chat on Friday. I look forward to seeing you and hearing all about everything you can share with us. This is such an exciting venture to look forward to.
    Pieter has mentioned how wonderful your lodge is, the food, and the wildlife. He also mentioned how great you, Gary Parker, Hans Krueger and all the others they met were to them. Again, Thank you so much.

  15. Feel like I have been out of the loop….concentrating on other stuff!! Can’t wait to see all the animals there again. Hopefully Hlaba Nkunzi. Keep well, Drew

  16. We got some great footage of the Hlaba Nkunzi female Leopard, Makwela’s daughter, in a tree with a Baboon kill when Pieter and Herman were here, hopefully will screen some of it tomorrow night.

  17. Saw the video clip on the Fire Side Chat of the leopard…such a beauty..The FSC was great. I was delighted to know you and Marc have known each other for so long..he is a wonderful kind, gentle and you can really tell his love of the animals..Looking forward to more good stuff.

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