Boulders’ Cubs

Posted on May 28, 2019

A year flies by so quickly and it is almost time to celebrate the first birthday of the two Boulders leopard cubs.

Both cubs are starting to develop their own personalities. It is very clear that the female has no lack of confidence when moving around the vehicles. The young male on the other hand, despite having outgrown his sister, will usually wait for his sister to start moving around before he gets active. It may even take a couple of minutes before we even see the male emerging from long grass or the thickets. If he irritates his sister she won’t hesitate to put him in his place either.

Mom will still leave them alone for a day or two to ensure a successful hunt. They are well aware of the dangers that surround them, quite capable of climbing a tree or slinking into a drainage line if need be.

We have even witnessed the cubs hunting their own mongoose and birds if mom takes too long to bring back a sufficient meal.

Written by – Cal Butler

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