An Early Chritmas Present from the East

Posted on November 26, 2008

A pack of 8 African Wild Dogs moved onto our property yesterday afternoon.

As we started out our safari yesterday morning we got a call from the East that a pack of 8 wild dogs crossed into our property.

After an extensive search by some of my fellow guides the call came over the radio that the dogs have been located. My guests and I went south as soon as the dogs were found. When we got to the sighting it was quite late in the morning and the dogs were al ready lying in a thick bush.

That afternoon we went back to the dogs and as soon as we arrived the dogs got mobile. We followed them as they ran through the bush in search of potential prey. Then suddenly the pack split up and 3 adults and one pup went west and the rest of the pack headed east. An adult female spotted a duiker antelope and after a burst of speed caught the small antelope. After a couple of minutes all the dogs were back and after securing the area they all started to feed. What followed was a feeding frenzy.

A truly remarkable sighting indeed.

0 thoughts on “An Early Chritmas Present from the East

  1. Dear Marius,

    As a banker, we have hard times due to the credit crises. However your reports on a weekly basis cheer me always up ! Specially the ones about the dogs. It looks like they stay more or less permanently in your area.

    What a perfect you got with your guests.

    Do have some more pictures ?
    Ron van der A
    Painted Dog Conservation Foundation Netherlands

  2. Thanks so much for all of the fabulous photos that you have been sending. Loved seeing the wild dogs! Such a rare sighting – in ten safaris to Africa have only had two sightings.
    Pat Moore

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