A very Short Drive

Posted on August 5, 2010

It is definitely not the first time and will definitely not be the last time that the Game drives have not even left the car park and encountered their first memorable sighting.

Early this morning some of our Staff on their way to the Lodge, witnessed the Hlaba Nkunzi Female leopard killing an Impala right in front of their vehicle.

They radioed Raymond who responded immediately and found her on her way back to the Lodge where she has had her cubs stashed away for the last four days. He followed her all the way back to the Lodge and had an amazing sighting of her meeting up with the cubs on the deck of Room 5.

She has now taken them back to the kill, not far from Camp, I am sure there will be some great sightings of her on this afternoons drive.

Many thanks to Kelly Joyce for the amazing pictures she captured during this happy reunion between mother and cubs.
Hlaba Nkunzi

7 thoughts on “A very Short Drive

  1. Awesome…Room 5 seems to be a lucky room to stay in as it seems it was frequented by Makwela & now Hlaba Nkunzi.

    Keep well

  2. WOW! Never a dull moment at LH. See you all in a few weeks!….and, DUNX, I buy you a drink for Brendon. Joy

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