A Thirsty Visitor

Posted on March 31, 2008

Suite 5 had a rude awaking from their afternoon siesta.

Imagine putting your feet up for an afternoon siesta, with the beautiful sunlight reflecting off your private plunge pool, a shimmering mosaic of patterns on the outside deck. Suddenly from behind your closed eyelids you realise it has gotten dark. On opening your eyes, expecting to see cloudy weather pulling in, you are confronted with…………a thirsty visitor, not ten feet from the bottom of your bed………WOW.

Thanks to the Richards Family for the great pictures.

Elephant Bull drinking at Suite 5 plunge pool

0 thoughts on “A Thirsty Visitor

  1. Had such an experience a couple of years ago. So I can image that this was a once in a life time . Of course it is also a reason to come back at Leopard Hills


  2. Thanks for posting this Duncan… sangitas got nothing on you guys, we are all missing leopard hills badly… you folks rock!!!! Cheers, Jill

  3. We are missing you already, the Elephants want to know where you have gone, you missed your afternoon appointment with them!!
    Say hi to the rest of the Crew from all of us at Leopard Hills….see you soon.

  4. Per Jill, Sangita pales compared to LH!!!! We loved our stay with you!
    And what pics! Fantastic! Joy

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