Our first Safari

Posted on October 20, 2008

Some photos of our sightings from 15 Oct 2008 to 19 Oct 2008.

Thanks to Hannes and June for their kind hospitality and enthusiasm. Also thanks to all the staff. Also thanks to the other guests for sharing with us our drives….including Michelle, Ally and Andy.

Rina and Ronald

Afternoon siestaWho woke me up?Sundownder with a G&TRoar of the King!Can you see me?Motherly loveWhere is my prey?I am not a coat!Looks can really killI am sooooo horny!I need fillings!Monkey businessI need a stroller!Zebra FrenchiesWhich is my head?I am so cute...Don't eat me.Hello KittyStop staring!Where is my dinner?Yum Yum!What are you looking at?Love birds

0 thoughts on “Our first Safari

  1. HI Ron and Rina,
    Are you home safe?
    Thanks for the amazing pictures. It was wonderful to have you here and share your first safari experience with you.
    Best Wishes

  2. Thanks Vanessa and Marius. We have been missing you guys and Leopard Hills ever since we left. We just finished ou last drive at Kings Camp. Different experience.

  3. some of the best pictures I have seen, thanks for sharing. Can’t believe it has been over a year since our trip, but this helps keep the memories alive!

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