More Cheetah

Posted on October 5, 2008

Eric and I miss Leopard Hills so much! We’re adding pictures from the cheetah sighting that we had with Gary on 4/9/08. We have some great leopard pics too we’re sharing.

No one had ever seen them before

And then the cheetahs happened upon her3 male cheetahs were traveling the area togetherAnd we got to see why cheetahs are the fastest mammals on earthThey weren't exactly sure of the area eitherHis kill is now safe from othersShe was in the tree snacking on the other leopard's killShe's been in Leopard Hills for 15 years

5 thoughts on “More Cheetah

  1. Hi Debbie and Eric,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely images with us and for taking the time to post on the weblog.
    I think Suzanne means that she wished you had made your images smaller so that they fit on her computer screen and don’t take so long to download.
    I have taken the liberty of reducing your images for you and adding two images that were in your folder, but not added to your post.
    Please note that it is advisable to reduce your images to no larger than 700 pixels on the longest side and no larger than 150 KB in file size.
    There is no need to make any further changes to this post. Well done on an otherwise perfect first-time post.

    For help uploading images to the weblog, please click the following link:

  2. Thank you Brendon. It is way beyond my computer literacy to understand, so I’m very grateful you took care of it!

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