Xinzele Male Leopard In Leopard Hills

Posted on December 27, 2010

Followed him walking down the main road and then caught up with him in the lodge

Xinzele Male, who is a younger male from the Eastern Side of Leopard Hills closer to the Sand River came into Camp today. This was and still is quite a worry, as he isn‘t the Father of Hlaba Nkunze’s Cubs and was following the mother’s ( Hlaba Nkunze ) scent towards the lodge, where he then picked up on the scent of her two cubs.

Hlaba Nkunze’s Two cubs earlier in the week

Dave saw the one cub running from the gym area towards the boma and disappeared in the bush behind it. Immediately after we had the Xinzele male Come up towards the lodge from the Main Pool towards the main dining area, where he had a look into the bar. The male then moved down towards the gym where he was clearly investigating the where about of the cubs.

Dave and I got into a vehicle, following the Male around room 6 and 7, where he was very focused on the scent of the cubs, going into bushes and looking up trees. Luckily he didn‘t find the cub that was hiding around that area, as we’re not sure how things would’ve gone if he’d met up with them.

The last time we saw this male leopard, he was heading down the path towards room 3 and then went around to the Southern Side of the Lodge. Hopefully he will be moving out of the area, back into his own territory, as it’s a worry having him so interested in the cubs at 11 and a half months, as a Male leopard would kill the cubs of female, who are the offspring of a different male.

Tegwaan, who is the father of the cubs, was sighted North of the Sand River, but due to the amount of water in the river, won‘t be able to cross for some time.

Will post an update on this situation as soon as possible.

Photos of the Xinzele Male in Leopard Hills

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  1. Very tense situation in Camp at the moment, we have lost sight of the male, although we believe he is still lurking around the front of the lodge. To my knowledge this is the first time he has ventured this far south west of the River and is marking as he goes. Hlaba Nkunzi’s youngsters have the advantage of knowing this terrain well and will duck and dive waiting for their mother to return, she was seen this morning about 3kms from Camp, we hope she returns soon and moves them to safer ground. As Heinrich says, we will keep you posted on developments.

  2. Thanks Heinrich and Duncan, praying Hlaba Nkunzi returns very soon and protects her babies and/or chases Xinzele away – hope he does not live up to the reputation of his name – vicious little creatures!! Sending protective vibes to these cubs.

  3. As a first time mother Hlaba Nkunzi has done a great job in keeping her two cubs alive and well. Let’s hope she continues to do so. Thanks for the update guys.

  4. Tense times.. i was jus saying before what a great job she’s done getting them this far, hope i didn’t jinx it :/
    Hopefully Tegwaan will get back soon and send him packing. What are the cub’s genders by the way?

  5. Hlaba Nkunze is an amazing mother, she’s really taking good care of her cubs. We have good news as we got tracks yesterday afternoon of Xinzele Male leaving the area of the lodge, heading back East. During game drive time, one of Hlaba Nkunze’s cubs appeared around the lodge, which was a real relief. Hopefully they both are safe after the visit from the male leopard.

    Both cubs are female leopards, they will be 1 year old in middle January.

  6. So happy to learn that the cubs and mom are still OK.

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Hugs from Joy in Camarillo.

  7. Hi Heinrich and Duncan, any more news on the two cubs .. you mentioned seeing one of them … hope the other one is safe and sound too. Happy New Year to you all at LH and hope 2011 brings you more special experiences with all the magnificent souls in the bush.

  8. Morning Liz, thank you for the kind wishes. We haven’t seen the cubs together, but one of the cubs was seen way in the south and there has been tracks of Hlaba Nkunze and Both cubs in the area of the Lodge.

    So for now we assume they are all safe, but will let you know as soon we see them and confirm this!

    May 2011 be a great year!


  9. Heinrich, thank you so much for the update. Trusting they are both safe then. Yes, hope your year will be awesome and special in every way. Best wishes

  10. Great news!
    Both the cubs were seen by some of our colleagues yesterday afternoon, not too far away from the lodge. This has just been affrimed, as Hlaba Nkunze and both her cubs are being viewed at this moment.

    We are all very pleased that all 3 are doing fine and are going about their normal business.

    Thanks for everyone’s kind words and interest in these wonderful animals!

  11. Brilliant, relieving news Heinrich, thank you sincerely. Hope they continue to be safe. ENJOY the sightings.

  12. Hlaba Nkunzi is a legend! Thanks for the update Heinrich, a few days on, but I hope the status is still the same. A friend of mine has a young daughter and she is mesmerized by the image of Hlaba Nkunzi which hangs at the end of my passage. What an incredible animal!!

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