Xinzele Leopard Feeding

Posted on February 8, 2011

Male Leopard in a tree feeding on the remains of an impala

We were fortunate enough to join the sighting of Xinzele Male Leopard and Hippo Dam Female Leopard, near the end of our evening drive. When we got into the sighting, both leopards were on the ground, with Xinzele lying with his head up in the long grass. Every couple of minutes there would be a lot of growling and Hippo Dam Female Leopard would appear from a thicket behind the male. She Would then run past the front of the male and then back into the thicket, constantly growling and moving very elusively, as you would expect of this incredible cat.

Xinzele being in the territory of Tegwaan Male Leopard, this was probably one of the first encounters between this male and female.

Xinzele Male

Xinzele got up from the grass and slowly started moving in the direction of a big tree nearby, which we were aware of, but not sure if he would actually approach it. In the tree, there was the remains of an Impala which he might’ve taken over from another male Leopard who was seen the morning before in the same area. The female then made another appearance at the base of the tree but after a loud growl disappeared into the darkness. The Male carefully investigating the area around the tree, took his time before finally doing what we’d been hoping for, he leaped up into the tree and started feeding on the remains of the impala.

With a hyena and the female leopard in the area, this was an amazing build-up to the male getting into the tree.

Another special moment with incredible animals.

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  1. He is a beautiful male! I too still feel sad and concerned for the safety of Hlaba Nkunzi and her remaining cub. I would love to know that they are all healthy and well! Thank you Duncan for this photo and entry! How do I access the footage? It appears blank on my screen? Best wishes to all!

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