Wild dogs 2009

Posted on May 11, 2009

There are 3 unknown wild dogs in the west…

Great news, there are three new unidentified wild dogs in the west. They came in over night (as usual) and have now been here for 6 days now.

They are 3 males, which is different to the pack that we know. We are all hoping that they stay and maybe find a few females.

Till next time.

Wild dogs playing

9 thoughts on “Wild dogs 2009

  1. Nice Picture!! Good news that you have some more wild dogs around. The sightings we had where great when we were over in March.
    Hope the Leopard Hills team are all well take care.

  2. I thought I recognised that photo from my own library……… probably Marius nudging your elbow ?

  3. Happy to hear that new dogs are coming in! Looking forward to join the LH team in the nearby future after 4 times in the past with very sweet memories.

    Ron van der A
    Chairman Painted Dog Conservation Foundation, Netherlands.

  4. That is good news, particulatly after our visit in April when we had heard that one of the remaining 3 had been killed. Fortunately it turned out not to be the case.
    Cool photo by the way!!

  5. Darn Gary,
    I wish I had known what an excellent photog you were. I would have taken lessons.

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