What happens when two male lions meet while a lioness is in estrous?

Posted on September 19, 2009

23 thoughts on “What happens when two male lions meet while a lioness is in estrous?

  1. Wow Hannes! That must have been incredible to see! You are very lucky to have stumbled onto such a momentous occasion!
    Well done.

  2. Oh my God!!! This is the best photos I ever seen – unbelievable! I have a goose bumps, the energy hits from the screen like an electric shock. It’s not hard to imagine a gladiators in Ancient Rome – the winner takes it all!!! I salute you Hannes, you made me breathless, speechless and I can only say – THANK YOU!

  3. Fantastic capture! The power they exhibited was like two locomotives colliding! I can only imagine the sounds.They are all National Geo pics!
    Super job. I am Susan and Lou Matusiak’s friends and she sends me your stuff.

  4. Fantastic photos. I am trying to identify the males by mane color and am not sure if the new guy drove off the male the lioness went to the dance with!
    Can Hannes tell us?

  5. Thank you all for your comments!
    These are 2 of the Mapogos; the one with the dark black mane is the oldest Mapogo and the other one is the one with the ‘dread lock’ on his chest. He also has a scar on his left shoulder (you can see the scar in some of the pics).
    Both are still alive but limping a bit; noting too serious.
    The younger male was the victor and stole the female from the old one.

  6. Ah, Hannes, well done mate! Africa (& Nat) Geo photoworthy!!! and the audio must have been absolutely Fantastic 🙂 As always, wish we could have been there … One question (possibly for Marius) – what was that bird in photo#11??

  7. Hannes – thank you for clarifying the winner and loser! Makes me wish I were packing for a fourth stay at Leopard HIlls.

  8. As everyone else has already said, WHAT AN AWESOME SERIES OF PICS!!! We will definitely have to use one for the next Leopard Hills brochure!

  9. What a serie of pictures! Thank you Hannes! The Mapogos are fighters even against each others.They are very strong looking.
    And Thanks to Iceage awakening to check these pictures!

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