Tlangisa Female Leopard checking – in to Leopard Hills

Posted on November 11, 2011

With a Kill on the edge of the Lodge she spent some quality time around the Lodge

Tlangisa Female Leopard, who hasn’t settled into a territory as yet, is still floating between the territories of Metsi and Hlaba Nkunzi.

She made a kill between suites 6 and 7 and spent a couple of days nearby the Lodge. During this time she made full use of the Leopard Hills Suites and made herself at home!

Photos are of Tlangisa Female Leopard drinking from Suite 6’s pool and then spending some time on the deck.

Viewing the SuiteDrinking

13 thoughts on “Tlangisa Female Leopard checking – in to Leopard Hills

  1. If I looked out my door and saw her looking back at me, I think I would feel liked I’d died and gone to heaven. Such a beautiful leopard I love how at home she looks

  2. If anyone does not understand ‘patterning’ in animals, here is a prime example. Makwela owns LH and so do her progeny.

  3. Wow the pics are absolutely amazing! Even more so as we stayed at Unit 6 in May this year!Special times & great memories with wonderful friends. Regards to all.

  4. I wish I was there on your vehicle Heinrich! Frankly, I would love to be across the door! What a sanctuary Leopard Hills is! Miss you all very much:D

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