The wild dogs are back……

Posted on September 13, 2010

We are very excited to have the pack back.

A few days ago we had a report that the same pack of wild dogs that were here a few months ago were on their way over our cut line.

They were tracked down and have been causing havoc in the northern part of our area.

Some of you may remember that the pack had 7 pups and then the Ottawa pride found the den site and destroyed 3 pups. Yes it was a little sad but it is great to see the rest of the pups are strong and healthy and the pack is still here.

Till next time…………

The pupsA pup

The pupsThe pups

9 thoughts on “The wild dogs are back……

  1. Wow, what a bad luck! I missed them again:( BUT I see some bright side of it ? reason to come back:D
    Gary, I don?t know if this is only me ? I can?t open rangers report. It seems to be some error on the weblog.

  2. Hi Samantha,

    The rangers report was a mistake on my side, i was compiling the report for this current month and pressed "post item", my mistake. So i am very sorry but you are going to have to wait till the end of the month.


  3. Hello the Kalan’s!

    Great news about the dogs returning pups and all, Mike can you believe they arrived the day after I went on leave! Now just to keep the lions away and hopefully they stay here in the west!

    Hope you are all very well
    Chat soon

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