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The Playful Ones

Posted on May 26, 2018

Winter is quickly approaching and the bush is swiftly showing signs of the changing season. Yet there is still a hive of activity on the reserve.

Thlangisa, a wonderfully relaxed female leopard, has provided us with a gift of cubs yet again.

Thlangisa and cubs - Johan de la Rey 1

The mother has found a secure den site and she has finally revealed these bundles of joy to us. She has 2 tiny cubs and they take after their mother. Thlangisa, “The Playful One”, has passed her nature onto her cubs as these two little fur-balls constantly chase each other around or hop all over mom when she is around.

Thlangisa and cubs - Johan de la Rey 2 Thlangisa and cubs - Johan de la Rey 3

Thlangisa and cubs - Johan de la Rey 4

This is not her first litter and most of her cubs have survived to adulthood. We look forward to see these cubs grow up into strong, independent leopards in years to come.

Written by: Cal Butler

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