The Othawa’s expand…again

Posted on January 5, 2019

Survival of the fittest is the rule of the bush. With that said, it is always a pleasure to see the animals grow and survive.

The young Othawa lioness was seen mating with a Matimba male lion late last year. We waited with great anticipation whether she would fall pregnant.

Soon afterwards we saw signs that she was pregnant. Just before the year ended we received exciting news that the lioness gave birth. There was great speculation whether the first time mother would manage to keep her cubs safe.

A few weeks later we had the privilege to view the lioness with three healthy cubs. The mother found a rocky outcrop where she could hide the cubs if need be.

IS8A0269 IS8A0074

The new cubs were introduced to the pride very quickly.  Thereafter, they spent a few weeks in solitude so that the cubs could adjust to their new surroundings.

IS8A0163 3L6A3364 IS8A0074 (2)

After acclimatising the female decided to move the cubs yet again. We had the most amazing sightings of her parading the cubs down the road and through an open clearing.

Lion Cub-1 3L6A3357 Lione Cub-2

The Othawa lioness escorted the cubs safely to the remaining pride. They have integrated well and their survival looks promising so far.

Written by – Cal Butler

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