The last week yet again delivered great sightings

Posted on October 20, 2008

Here are a few pictures of the things we were treated with this past week
Baby giraffe
This giraffe is so young you can still see the umbilical cord on the belly! This is also a perfect example of how a mother protects her youngster, standing over it so that she can kick out at any dangerous animals approaching.
Baby hippoBig jawn
This baby was sitting on his mother’s head and when she surfaced to breathe he was lifted and tumbled back in to the water. The male gave us an impressive display of those terrifying jaws.Clumsy
Still learning how to keep his balance this baby elephant was quite clumsy.Hiding under mom
When we laughed he ran back to the protection of his mom; very embarrased!
Cheetah and youngsterPortrait of the young male
The female cheetah and her youngster killed a steenbuck out in the open and hastily gulped it down before it could be taken from them.
Herd drinking
While the rains are away and the river is not flowing the animals don’t go too far away from the small dams and water holes.
hyaena carrying youngster
This youngster was wandering too far from the den for the mother’s comfort so she fetched and carried him back.
Makubela caught an impala and was kind enough to put it in one of the marula trees that does not have many leaves yet. It was quite interesting trying to keep camera equipment dry and preventing rain drops from reaching the glass of the lenses!
jumping downMambhiri with steenbuck head
Mambhiri was up in a tree with a steenbuck kill and when the head fell down she went to fetch it.
Taking flight
We waited for about 10 minutes for this Martial eagle to take off!
Sand River female
One of the Sand River females (the mother of the older 2 cubs)mated with one of the Mapogos. Her youngsters are now almost 2 years old and will have to learn very quickly how to participate in the hunt otherwise the females are going to have a tough time feeding all the hungry mouthes!
Predator becomes prey
We came across this Mosambican Spitting Cobra eating a snake almost as big as itself.

The Xhimungwe pride killed an impala and with 5 lions present all manners were forgotten!
Golden Eye
And here is my favourite shot of the week! The Hlaba Nkunzi female.

Thanks to Michelle, Andy and Ally! Inbetween camera lessons the cameras were passed back and forth constantly and when something happened I just snapped away with what was in my hands! Thanks for a great time!

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  1. Not only are your images stunning and the account of the weeks events interesting, but I love the way you lay your articles out. You have developed your own unique style on the weblog. Well done mate! Keep them coming…

  2. Hi Hannes
    Great pics, it was good to see the cameras being used to their full potential!
    We were fortunate to enjoy some awesome sightings, thanks for a great week.

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