The clash of the titans relived!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on June 17, 2010

I have tracked down the photographer and his images of the Mapogo fight…………..

I have finally tracked down someone that was at the Mapogo fight and funnily enough he was a photographer and he took some awesome photographs of the fight, check this link out zimpix

Hope you all enjoy.

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  1. Well done Gary, will be disturbing viewing and reading for some, but it appears that a new circle has begun, and many of us can remember the mayhem when the original Mapogo coalition came on the scene. Doug did a great job with the photos, It looks likely that the winds of change are blowing strongly, but then nothing remains static in nature.Lets us hope the cubs can mature quickly enough to stay out of their way.

  2. Nice photos Gary can this person who was present at the time of the battle be kind enough to share the video of this fight with us,And this battle brings me back the memories of 2001 which give us some hope because in 2001 the Mapogos maternal pride the Eyrefield /Sparta pride was Ruled by 5 Males lions called WestStreet Males and one day the Three new Mlowathi males who were trying to takeover the territory isolated the biggest of the 5 weststreet males and killed him though the other four Weststreet males were aware of the fight the only thing that they could do was roar as they were far away at that time to come and help there brother so after the biggest male of Weststreet coalition was killed everybody thought that the reign of Weststreet males was coming to an end but after 6 months there was a fierce battle between the remaining 4 Weststreet males and the 3 Mlowathi males and 2 of the Mlowathi males were killed in that battle, so we still have hope from the past that may be just like their fathers the remaining 5 Mapogos may unite and take revenge of the death of kinky tail by killing members of the Southern coalition who killed Kinky Tail."Long Live The Mapogos"

  3. What an incredible photo presentation by Douglas. I wonder what we will see when we arrive in August?

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