Selati and Otthawa mating

Posted on May 12, 2012

Selati Male Mating with two Otthawa Females – with his fellow Coalition Members feeling a bit left out

Seeing the Selati Male mating with two of three Otthawa Lionesses, unfortunately means that the likelihood new Males killing the four young cubs has become a reality.

One of the Selati Males was seen mating with one Lioness during the day, then had a moment of mating with another Lioness immediately after he had mated with her pride member. While mating with this Lioness, he kept a close eye on the other Lioness, making sure she doesn‘t go too far.

After mating numerous times, the One Male and Three Lionesses listened to the remaining Selati Coalition members roaring a couple of hundred meters away.

The Lionesses jumped up and rushed over to the other Males – with the mating Male only managing to keep the One Lioness from heading over to them.

After the two Lionesses met up with the other Three Males – they ran straight towards the mating pair.

Two of the Males went further South towards the Sand River and the One Male and Lioness joined up with the 2 Lions – with very little interaction as he stood his ground and decided not to approach his brother with the Lioness.

Following the Lions running through the darkness was quite an experience – a bit bumpy as we tried to keep up to them to see the interaction.

As with the radio talk, you can hear where the other two males were. During the time we were following the Male and Female approaching the mating pair – all the lions were within a couple hundred meters away from each other.

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3 thoughts on “Selati and Otthawa mating

  1. Have you ever considered using electric or hybrid vehicles that would start soundlessly? The starting up of the engine has always seemed disturbing to me, although I have no idea of how it affects the animals. It just seems that a silent start would enhance the experience.

  2. Another great night out at Leopard Hills – thanks Heinrich! How the winds of Lion dominance has now changed. Keep us posted – wish I was there!

  3. another saturday nite and i ain’t got nobody! oh but i do!! great video and audio again heinrich….thanx!

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