Saluting a legend!!!!

Posted on April 27, 2010

After months of planning the “In memory of Makwela” collage is finally done.

I know that it has taken a while, but after months of planning the “In memory of Makwela” collage is finally done.

I have sorced images of makwela from a far back as 1997 till just a few months before she passed away.

A big thank-you to all those people that contributed their images it looks great.

We have hung the collage up in the library so be sure to check it out on your next visit.

12 years of makwela images

17 thoughts on “Saluting a legend!!!!

  1. Well done Gary and thanks for all the hard work in getting this fitting tribute done. She was indeed a Legend and I was very fortunate to to have known her for nearly 14 years.

    The Memory lives on.

  2. anna Mr Parker,your Hard Work and Planning was well worth it.Well done my man,beautiful Tribute to a Lovely Leopard The Portrait Brings back Fond Memories!

  3. A fitting Tribute to one of South Africas iconic ambassadors, long will she be remembered with fondness and affection.
    Thank You Gary

  4. Simply stunning collage! I feel so privileged I had met her ? thank you Gary, it brings some special memories back? What a Lady!

  5. YEAH GARY! What a terrific job you did. I can’t wait to visit the library and see the collage for myself. Awesome, and thanks!

  6. This is a great Salute and Goodbye to a very specials leopardHills leopard!.

    She is over the rainbow bridge now and enjoying her rest together with the sandriver lions!

    It is hartwarming to see this!

  7. Thanks for all your comment, it was an absolute pleasure putting this collage together, it brought back sooo many memories as it will for everyone who knew her.


  8. Nice work Gary. What a fitting tribute to her. I recognise some of the images from various sites on the web, and she surely is a wildlife photographers dream subject. I say "is" on purpose, as her memory, through this, will stay with all of you, and those that had the priviledge of seeing her.

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