Overnight rain makes driving conditions challenging

Posted on March 16, 2008

A Herd of Elephants looked on with amusement as one Leopard Hills vehicle pulls another out of the sand.

We had some very welcome rain last night, waking this morning to find the conditions cold and wet. Gary and Hannes headed north to the Sand River, and were enjoying a wonderful sighting of a Breeding Herd of Elephants in the river, when Hannes manoeuvred for a better visual and found himself “bogged down” to his axles in soft sand.

Great fun was had by all as Gary pulled Hannes back to harder ground; looks like drinks are on him tonight!!

Thank you to Mark and Caroline Allison for the photos……..or rather the evidence.

Elephants in the River

Drinking at Kiri CrossingNot going anywhereGary to the rescue

5 thoughts on “Overnight rain makes driving conditions challenging

  1. Well, well.

    I think there a few people that are aware of the friendly banter between the landrover and land cruiser, here is proof. till next time.

  2. Hannes is a terrific driver but I should make others aware that last May he was bogged down just a short distance from the Leopard Hills compound. We had driven round the back to look at a Leopard on top of one of the cabins. He drove into a stream and was stuck, we could neither move forwards or backwards. Rescue arrived within two minutes, as we were so close to home.

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