Othawa’s kill a kudu

Posted on April 22, 2018

It is not over until it is over. This could not be more true as we recently had a great surprise while we were finishing an evening game drive.

There was a comotion close to the lodge when another ranger called us into a sighting. It is not easy to catch the action as it happens. This time around we just missed the action by a few minutes. The evenings are getting cool now and as we manouvered the land rovers through the bush we could see steam rising out from a lifeless carcass.

In the grass lay two adult female lions from the Othawa pride. They managed to catch and kill a kudu a few hundred meters away from the lodge. They wasted no time tucking into the fresh meat. We could hear the contact calls of the two subadult lions who had trailed behind. The two adults did not heed their call. They continued to feast selfishly as if it was their last meal.

Othawas on a kill 1Othawas on a kill 2Othawas on a kill 3

Together with our guests, the rangers sat in silence just observing and taking in the sounds around them. What seemed to fascinate our guests the most was the sound of crunching bones a few meters from them.

Written by: Cal Butler

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