New Male Leopard

Posted on May 14, 2008

We were very fortunate to see a new male leopard on a evening game drive.

Click here for pictures

My guests and I were very fortunate to see a new male leopard on an evening drive 2 days ago. We are seeing new individual leopards often now and this male was very relaxed with our presence.

0 thoughts on “New Male Leopard

  1. Why the sudden presence of new males Marius? Has something happened to any of the old territorial males?

  2. Hi Marius…you take such stunning photo’s. What setting was your camera on? The eyes of the Leopard in the Portrait shot are so clear…it’s incredible. I am very Jealous…I think I need to go on a course.

  3. Marius, just when I think you’ve taken the ultimate shot, you go and better it. This is awesome!! Will have to get Gary to log in while here in Durbs.

  4. Amazingly we got the same picture even with our vastly inferior camera skills Marius
    there is hope for us yet
    was such a beautiful scene wasn’t it
    Missing your hardcore safari already

  5. Your pictures are stunning. I can’t believe how beautiful they are. I wish I was back there (every day this is my wish).

    Guest with ChemNut group in Jan-Feb

  6. Awesome, awesome photography! Wow!! Game viewing at Leopard Hills is out of this world, thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

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