New lion cubs…….

Posted on March 23, 2010

The Ximungwe pride

We have new life!!!!! One of the Ximungwe females brought her cubs out to show us.

Well, on an afternoon drive not too far from the lodge we ran into a lioness in the open planes. On furthur inspection we spotted 2 fluff balls following her (about a month and a half old fluff balls). As to be expected my exitement got the better of me and wanting to share this special sighting with everyone i called this in on the radio.

This was the first time the cubs were seen but were soo relaxed with us being around.

Lioness & CubsLioness & cubsLioness & cubs

Till next time.

0 thoughts on “New lion cubs…….

  1. This is such amazing news! The Ximungwe pride is going from strenght to strength! Nice pics Gary!

  2. Thanks Gary, they are just adorable. Presumably some more Mapogo offspring? Look forward to hearing about their progress (and some more fabulous photos – thanks so much :> )

  3. Hey Gary. Great sighting… I was with Marius when I visited you and he was convinced there was something more to a female that we spotted. She called, she sniffed, and we sat on her heels for ages, but alas no cubs, but he seemed convinced that there were. Is this the same female?

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