Makwela’s got new cubs……………

Posted on May 5, 2008

The day we all have been waiting for……………

Makwela is home. She was spotted today moving at least one of her cubs from a rocky mountain to the east of Leopard Hills back to the origional place where she was born, behind the kitchen.

This is a really special moment in Leopard Hills’s history, and never mind her letting us photograph her carring them.

Makwela & cubMakwela & cub

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  1. WOW, Louise and I have been privileged to watch Makwela grow up over the last 13 years we have been in the Western Sector, this is truly a homecoming of note. Ten years ago when Leopard Hills was built, I was shown a cave on the rocky outcrop below where the kitchen now stands, this according to the local Trackers was the sight Makwela was born, we have now come a full circle. Indeed it was as a result of this we decided to name the Lodge Leopard Hills, how relevant that has become over years.
    Although over the last 10 years she has often left her cubs in and around the Camp, this is the first time she has actually used her old birth place to hide her new cubs, very special indeed.
    Great shot Gary; this could well be the last litter Makwela produces, and this picture may well go down in the chronicles of the Western Sector as ?one of those really special moments? that we were blessed to have witnessed.

  2. Oh wow. How awesome. You are so privileged to see this. So wish it was this time last week. Great picture Gary! Keep us updated!

  3. Wonderful to see Makwela’s latest offspring. I would suspect that her other older cub that we witnessed was still with her during February is well and truly out of the picture now! Keep us posted – wish we were there!

  4. Wow what shots – you were so privilaged. Chris says she has not seen anything that good for at least two weeks….. when we saw her and you said she was pregnant!

  5. Wow – I want to be there! Such a lovely predator, so innocent for the moment 😉
    Marius, Hannes ? a strong competition grows next to you guys ? great photos Gary, you captured a unique moments! I can?t wait till October, this weblog keeps me a life 🙂

  6. It was such a privledge to be there to see this. Truly a special moment. Thanks for the memory and the great pictures

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