New Life in the Xhimungwe Pride

Posted on February 22, 2013

A very cloudy afternoon was lit up by the appearance of 3 new Xhimungwe Cub faces.

One of the Xhimungwe Lionesses brought her Three 6-8 week old cubs out to show what a proud Mother she is.
The cubs weren’t sure if they should leave their cover at first, but with Mom calling they couldn’t resist and soon joined her in the clearing.
Very playful and full of energy they were soon at ease in the open and found their Mother’s tail to be the perfect chewing-toy.

They spent some time playing around with each other and their Mother, but as the light started fading rapidly she decided to escort them to safer ground.
We watched with excitement as this Lioness and her three cubs were walking into the distance, hoping they will survive and join the Pride and Four older Cubs in the not too distant future.

We look forward seeing the Xhimungwe Cubs grow, as the Selati Males patrol and protect their territory.

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