Like fathers like sons

Posted on April 1, 2008

We were sitting in a light drizzle this morning watching the 5 young male lions of the Sand River pride drinking at a watering hole

The odd thing is that the older males who fathered them where at the exact same spot about 2 years ago! A bit of Deja Vu. I can’t wait for these 5 youngsters to grow up into the majestic creatures they will become…

Young males drinkingOlder males drinking

0 thoughts on “Like fathers like sons

  1. Hello Hannes, your two photos are very special and this must have been a wondeful moment for you.

    Carolyn and I cannot wait to join you in about 6 weeks time to explore Leopard Hills with you again.


  2. Hannes, so nice to hear from you!

    This is amazing!!! What a coincidence and privilege to capture two generations in the same situation, same place! Lucky you:-)

    I can?t wait for up-date in your Photo Gallery!

    All the best and regards for Mr. June:-)

  3. Thank you Robert! It was indeed a special moment! One of those "be at the right place at the right time" one in a thousand moments. Looking forward to your visit!

    Sam! Have you planned your next trip yet? I see that you are on the blog every day! I will be posting some photos on the gallery again soon… and I will pass your regards to Mr June!

  4. Hannes Hi:-)

    Of course, I do plan to come September/October as we talked in January! I’m really addicted to this weblog and that’s why you can see me here everyday – It’s my "God’s Window" to the Bush:-)

  5. A goose bump generating experience I’m sure. It must leave you with complete contentment watching and knowing that the next generation are fit and likely to grow into those majestic creatures you mention.

  6. Hannes ; Almost 2 years later,

    I never forgot about the Sandriver pride ( I know the story) and the one male Youngster that did escape…

    Its still in my mind. and it will stay years…

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