Kelly Dam and her kill

Posted on May 19, 2018

Night time in the bush can be a daunting thing for some, but sometimes it yields wonderful surprises.

One of our rangers, Cal, headed down to the reserve’s airstrip to fetch some guests. As he passed through a wooded area something caught his eye. It was an impala in a tree, but no leopard in sight.

That evening after sunset, our game drive vehicles headed back to the area and guests were treated to a wonderful sighting as the leopard had returned to finish her kill.

Kelly Dam-1

As we arrived at the scene a female leopard called Kelly Dam sat casually in a tree feeding on her kill.

Kelly Dam - Cal Butler

Sitting in silence and surrounded by darkness we all just marveled at the sights and sounds of the feline tucking into her meal.

Kelly Dam - Cal Butler Kelly Dam - Cal Butler

There was some interesting interaction as 2 hyena came to visit hoping that Kelly Dam will drop her meal or at least parts thereof. She was not phased with their presence and just stared them down.

Kelly Dam - Cal Butler

After she had her fill she moved over to another branch and took a nap for the evening.

Kelly Dam - Cal Butler

Written by: Cal Butler

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