In Your Face

Posted on May 12, 2008

Had a stunning sighting of a female leopard and cub this morning for more than an hour.

My guests and I watched this leopard for more than an hour as she and her mom moved through the bush. Something got her attention and she came about a meter from my vehicle.

An image that I have been waiting for a long time!!

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  1. Its 4.20am. Local, forgive clumsy fingers – meant "detail is superb" and "material to be sure". Need to stop my landrover and break out the coffee !

  2. Marius,
    reading this from the chilled out beaches of Mozambique,
    still kicking myself that I didn’t have my video camera on for this event. And I think the leopard was less than a meter from the van… Brilliant time we had didn’t we. You are the man Marius. Still waking up at 5.30 but pushing through

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