Hlaba Nkunzi’s cubs on gamedrive!!!

Posted on April 9, 2010

Another first for leopard Hills. We have finally seen Hlaba Nkunzi’s cubs on game drive after nearly 2 months of holding our breathe.

Since the first week in February, when Hlaba Nkunsi gave birth and hid her little cubs in Camp, she has been a regular sighting on game drive in and around the Leopard Hills vicinity. She had then moved her cubs up to the Ulalapa deck after about 3 weeks in camp, and as far as we know has kept them there ever since. Leopards will move their cubs periodically for safety, as they start to leave there sent at the den site. Lion and hyena, even some of the larger snakes will pick up on these smells and make it easier to find. As Leopards are in direct competition with Lions and Hyena they will not stop in taking the opportunity to lessen the population and visa versa.

So since her move to Ulalapa Camp we have been unsure exactly where she had left her cubs and when she was going to move them to the new den site! ! ! We hadn‘t seen much of her for a while and thought that she may have moved them again. The last 2 weeks have been a flourish of ranger activity trying to find Hlaba Nkunzi and then hopefully have her leading us to her new den site.

Well, last night while on game drive we had been hit by a relatively large storm and my guests were content to get back to camp a little earlier than usual. Because of this, we were back in camp at 18H45, when we rounded the last corner.

There she was ! ! ! With 2 little Hlaba Nkunzi look alikes in tow. (Please excuse the quality of the images) She moved up through the parking lot and passed the reception area and under the sala. The cubs where seen near the main pool area this morning while mom was away.

It looks like she’s back in camp for awhile and hopefully will give us the opportunity for new update over the next few weeks.

0 thoughts on “Hlaba Nkunzi’s cubs on gamedrive!!!

  1. Fantastic Gareth,

    Thanks for the update although a few weeks earlier would have been nice!!!

    Some great photos here also.

    P.S. My flash is still working.

  2. Oh wow you are so fortunate. Think you should change the name from Leopard Hills to Leopard Den. Look forward to further pics of her precious ‘children’.

  3. Thank you Gareth, a moment we had all been truly waiting for.We look forward with bated breath for further news

  4. Wow, what fantastic news that the two little ones are alive and well. Thanks for the report Gareth, and here’s to hoping you all have some wonderful sightings in the near future.

  5. Man – I knew this was going to happen!! I missed this by 3 days!! At least I am pleased to see that they are still alive and that she has brought them back to their rightful safe home – Leopard Hills! Looking forward to seeing no doubt fabulous shots of these two with their Mother. I am sure Gary’s heart will be broken as is mine, that we never saw them for the 1st time!

  6. Gareth – we’re waiting for some beautiful photos of the cubs . . . National Geographic quality please.

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