Big Male Cats

Posted on May 11, 2012

Selati Male chasing Vultures

DayOne Male Leopard vocalising

The Selati Coalition killed a buffalo in the Sand River, which offered some great viewing when some feathered scavengers tried to get their share of the kill.

The Males where spread in the white sand of the river, with the one Male not taking his eyes off the remains of the Buffalo
Dragging buffaloSelati feedingSelati feeding
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DayOne Male Leopard’s tracks went straight towards Leopard Hills during a morning drive, but he was nowhere to be found. Late that evening he started vocalising – sounded like he was either in the Lodge or nearby. To our surprise he was lying next to the watering hole which the Lodge overlooks. With a bit of tall grass, DayOne vocalised one last time before getting some rest after a long night of calling.

Enjoy the footage – turn up the sound for this Leopard vocalising!
[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

5 thoughts on “Big Male Cats

  1. Thank you; its not often that I get to hear the leopards vocalize….what a wonderful sound. Great video for armchair safari visitors.

  2. Great visual and audio opportunity!! So appreciate what I can get of life at Leopard Hills! Thanx Heinrich…

  3. Thank you for your postings, Heinrich. They are greatly appreciated, especially the sawing leopard!

  4. I have never heard a leopard vocalizing during my visits to Leopard Hills. But it really DOES sound like someone sawing wood!

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