An amazing sighting

Posted on November 30, 2009

Martial eagle with guinea fowl kill…………

My guests and i were luckily enough to witness a Martial Eagle feeding on a guinea fowl. We didnt see the actual kill but sat with it until it started feeding.

This was a once in life time sighting. See pics below.

Hope you all enjoy. Till next time, Gary

0 thoughts on “An amazing sighting

  1. Extraordinary … how fortunate you and your guests were … normally you see them sitting in tree tops miles away and then they fly off… Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Thanks for your comments all, it was indeed a great sighting and i am trying to get this series published, watch this space.


  3. Fantastic pictures gary – so glad we were able to see the real thing as it unfolded! Can’ t wait to look more closely at our photos when we get home. Sara and Alan

  4. Gary! LOVE the photos…remember this? "When you’re better than good, you’re Gary" Super pictures. Keep me posted where they get published so I can get the magazine for my coffee table. Miss you!

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