A sighting of a life time

Posted on April 16, 2008


After yesterday mornings’ sighting of Shangwas cubs my guests and I saw a pangolin.

This is a “lifer” for me. There are many people that would go their whole life without seeing a pangolin, rangers included.

A special sighting.

PangolinPangolinPangolinAfrican sunset

9 thoughts on “A sighting of a life time

  1. Wow, truly an amazing sighting! Leopard Hills has some great sightings and this topped by far one of my favorite safari experiences of all times. Thanks Gary!

  2. What an amazing experience! Your pictures make me feel as if I were there! (If only I were…) Thanks for sharing, Gary!

  3. Gary, that’s a rare sighting indeed. Hope you took the time to absorb it. Look forward to hitting the water with u again.

  4. Hi all,

    I know how lucky i was and i absorbed it all.

    Thanks for all your comments Stephanie, hope to see you back.

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