2 Different Kills on 1 Day

Posted on July 2, 2008

My guests and I were fortunate to see 2 different kills yesterday morning and afternoon.

Yesterday morning my guests and I saw a Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill sitting ontop of a termite mount catching termites. The single male had an absolute feast as he caught and ate one termite after the other.

On our afternoon safari we came across a male cheetah with a steenbok kill. It was an awesome sighting and the light was perfect for photography.

0 thoughts on “2 Different Kills on 1 Day

  1. Pure beauty! Your photos always make me smile! Thank you Marius! The exposition and quality of your pictures are beyond my imaginations :-)I can’t wait to be back in October!

  2. oh what pictures marius ! you rock ! it reminded me of the morning our famliy saw the two lion kills boy was it awsome ! keep on with the most wonderful photos in the so. african world ! judy richards

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