Hannes Krugers Image Gallery

Posted on March 17, 2008

Some of my images taken at Leopard Hills.

10 thoughts on “Hannes Krugers Image Gallery

  1. Hello Hannes,

    Carolyn and I will join you again for game drives in May. We look forward to sharing more stunning views together.

  2. Thank you to everyone for your kind and very positive comments on Hannes’ pictures. He is away on some days off at the moment, but sure he will respond as soon as he is back. For everyones info, the Rangers and Staff will be adding regulary to their picture profiles, which I know we all look forward to. I also encourage all of our Guests to add their own to this site, as I have seen some stunnig pictures taken by some of you, and we would love you to share them with all our subscribers. Thank you, and please keep your comments coming through it motivates us to keep posting articles on a regular basis.

  3. I think I would be in heaven to view the sunrise and sunsets of Africa…they sure are spectacular. Thank you so much for posting your pictures and sharing them with us.

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