Hail Storm Hits the Community.

Posted on April 15, 2008

Last week saw a very unseasonal and unusual hail storm hit the Dumphries Community.

As if life was not hard enough already, an unseasonal “Hail Strom” hit the Dumphries Community area, causing widespread damage and tragically, loss of life. At least two people were killed when they were hit by hail stones larger than tennis balls. The damage to property was severe, with at least two hundred houses being destroyed in the area stretching from Bushbuck Ridge to Dumphries. The storm was so localised it caused havoc less than a kilometre from the Reserve, but no damage to any infrastructure within.

At Welani Primary school, one of the roofs blew off, next door to the library. The school lost hundreds of books, not to mention the corrugated iron scattered up in trees. Thank goodness the children are on school holidays at the moment. The principal of the school as already approached the Social Welfare department in the hopes of them helping out to have it replaced.

At Jeremiah Créche, where we are busy building the new Day Care Centre, most of the top soil to complete the foundations that we had delivered last week blew away, so the builders are busy replacing the foundations…

It always seems like a case of three steps forward and two steps back, but we will get there in the end, of that I have no doubt.

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  1. Duncan, what can we do to help? I will start collecting childrens books and bring them at the end of the month..

  2. Liza Hi. Anything at this stage will help, no matter how big or small, I really appreciate your support. I am very pleased to say that all the children are alright and it is a good job they were not at school.

  3. Duncan
    I’ll see what I can collect do you want it sent to you or ? On a separate note, during our trip in March we visited a village pre-school and I’ve got a package of pens/crayons, drawing books which I’d like to send them. Should this go via yourselves or the team at the Huntington Centre, is it Tenbi?? If via Tenbi, please provide the address

  4. Hi Michele. Thanks very much for the support, I would suggest to us, and we will allocate accordingly:

    Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve
    P.O. Box 612
    South Africa

  5. I am very sorry reading this, thanks god kids are fine! It?s so unfair, but I hope that Principal has enough power to squeeze Social Welfare and he will get some help. I talked to Greta and we will start to collect some books tomorrow.I keep my fingers crossed and I?m sure you?ll get back on the right track.

    Our best wishes,
    Sam, Greta, Sergiusz

  6. It breaks my heart that the hailstorm caused so much disarray in the community, but at the same time it is heartwarming to see all the help that is being offered!

    Thanks to everyone offering to build up the book collection and everything else!

  7. Duncan it is great to see the interest Leopard Hills has in the local community and this event is a sharp reminder of the unpredictability and sometimes harsh reality of mother nature. With all the wonders your reserve has to offer in terms of nature, there is always balance… this event being the not so pleasant side. I will see what I can collect and give it to Gary when he is in Durban again.

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