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Posted on April 4, 2009

I am very excited to announce that we are taking on a brand new project in Dumphries B!

After a year, Jeremiah is doing really well, and there are 25 girls, and 38 boys registered for 2009. They are all doing very well, and they are still being supplied with Food in the form of a porridge with all the daily requirements they need .

We have now decided to use the donations on hand, in Dumphries B, where the majority of Leopard Hills Staff members are from. There is a lovely Pre school Creche there, called Deyani, and they currently have 44 boys and 46 girls registered for 2009. The age group in Deyani is 0 – 6 years.

The créche is run by Esther, and she also has two assistants helping with the children. In addition to the 3 teachers, there are also 2 ladies who take care of the cooking, and cleaning, this is all done on a voluntary basis. The building they are in, is in great condition as is the play area outside.

We have decided to buy them a CD Player with some Sing-Along Songs, as well as a Television and DVD player and some DVD’s, to add even more fun to their days at school

The houses in this village have no running water and the people have to walk great distances many times a day to collect water in 25 litre drums which they carry home, so we are also looking into buying Hippo Rollers or Q-Drums, which will make life much easier for them daily. Hippo Rollers can hold 100litres of water, and Q-drums hold 50 litres and as the name suggests, they can be rolled.

Q-Drums are priced as follows:

All prices below exclude transportation fees and are quoted in South African Rands (ZAR)

Qty: 1 – 99 drums – R450 per unit

Qty: 100 – 499 drums – R430 per unit

Qty: 500 + drums – R410 per unit

5 thoughts on “Exciting New Project

  1. Hippo Rollers are priced at US$900 per Roller excluding delivery fees. If a 100 or more Rollers are ordered, the delivery will be free of charge.

    I will keep you all updated with the progress on the Q-drums and Hippo Rollers.

  2. Hi Maretha,

    Can you just clarify one point, – are the Q drums designed to be rolled? – if so, they would appear to represent a tremendous price advantage to the Hippos.

    In very rough terms if the Q = 450 ZAR, and the Hippo approx 900 USD, then the Q moves water for at total of 9 Rand a litre as opposed to the Hippo’s cost of 82 Rand per litre.

    If the Q type do roll, then put me down for two "SAND RIVER ROLLERS"

    There is a type in Europe very widely used in RV and Camping, which I, beleive,rolls about 50Litres,they are rugged, but certainly don’t cost 900USD.

    I don’t know if the materials used in construction are suitable for the UV levels you experience, and we have certainly witnessed this with the U.S. ones down here near the equator in the Caribbean. I will try to find out more for you.

  3. Hi Joan and Arnold, many thanks for your reply. I will be in contact with you via email regarding dontations for this project.

    Tim, the Q-Drums are designed to be rolled as well, I will email you a picture. Thank you so much for all the information.

  4. Just a thought, in other areas of the world, guests can buy a hippo or q-roller and have it named for them or as Tim, wants in honor of someone such as our lions. It costs nothing – well, maybe a little paint and time – but EVERYONE likes to have a "name up in lights"; just look at all of the buildings at universities. It might help to guests to participate more.

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