The Ottowa pride feasts and cub feeds and feeds and feeds!

Posted on October 22, 2010

The Ottowa pride feasts while Mr. T watches …and waits.

These videos were taken in August and demonstrate pride behavior as it pertains to who can and cannot partake in a major kill. Not for the squeemish. The cape buffalo kill occurred about 1/2 hour before shooting these videos. The cub is obviously enjoying his meal and has no reservations about getting his fill. Mr T hangs around, hoping to get back in good graces with the Ottowa Pride

Mr. T (who hopes to return to good status with the Ottowa pride) and buddy are nearby and hoping to take part.

14 thoughts on “The Ottowa pride feasts and cub feeds and feeds and feeds!

  1. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. Do you live in Camarillo CA? I live in Ventura & would love to meet you. Been to L.H. 2 times. My favorite place on earth!

  2. OMG! Jill, we ARE neighbors!!!! I’ll get in touch with you in the next few days. We also have been to LH twice. Hope to return in 3 years. I love South Africa so much is hurts. We will have to talk.


    PS: Gary, I finally got those videos condensed. Hope you had a FAB time on your photo vacation in September!!!!!

    Cheers and regards to all at LH!

  3. None of my business, but NOT sure it is an awfully good idea to be placing your Personal phone numbers or EMail addresses out on the Internet, even allowing for this august bunch of subscribers !! Just a cautionary note.

  4. Nick probably has a point, so to be safe I have removed your telephone numbers from your comments.
    If you didn?t get the numbers in time (although you should have received them in the email notifications), Jill you can personal message Joy from her profile, as she is a member on the blog. Just click on Liewecatje, and it will take you to her profile.
    On the note of safety, may I point out that if you register as a member on the blog and you post your comments while logged in, other subscribers can message you from your profile, but your email address will always be hidden. This way you will never have to make your email address public.
    More info on how to register here:

  5. As always, Brendon, you look out for us. Thanks! And thank you, Nick, for the heads up. Was not sure how to give Jill my info. 🙂 Joy

  6. Thank you Joy!!! So sorry I put my comment with delay, but better late than never;)
    I love your posts, hope we?ll meet one day on the game drive with LH of course:D!

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