Roaring lions

Posted on March 17, 2008

Guests of mine got footage of 4 of our male lions roaring, mind blowing.

0 thoughts on “Roaring lions

  1. I love it!!! It recalls my last night at L.H. I have goose bumps now!
    So powerful, magnificent and respectful cats. I can watch them for hours!

  2. Oh good grief, yes Gary! Nkomu shenene!
    (We were at LH last August with the retired Delta captains and had a splendid time with everyone in LH)

  3. Hi Gary
    We missed the roar by a couple of days! Was great to watch it on the blog – just so awesome.
    We had such a wondeful time at Leopard Hills, thank you so much to you, Ronald and everyone for making our stay so special. I want to come back!
    Take care, Caroline

  4. hi gary and ronald, this is amazing! we’re back in the states but still talking about our stay at LH. love the blog, we’ll post pics asap.

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