Painted Wolves

Posted on October 5, 2009

We continue to have the most unbelievable Wild Dog sightings out here in the West.

As Gary mentioned in the last article, “dogs galore”, and so it continues. For the last four days we have picked up two packs of Wild Dogs moving through our area, one pack of 7 and another of 11 who have two pups in tow. We followed them for two hours last night as they were on the hunt, a spectacle seldom seen in the wilds these days.

We managed to catch up with one of the males and Allen Wolf managed to get some footage of him calling the rest of the Pack to the hunt.

Thanks for the great footage Allen, pretty special.

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

0 thoughts on “Painted Wolves

  1. I have only heard that once in all the time we have been in the bush! Quite incredible…apparently & maybe you can find out for me, they also do that when they are seperated from the rest of the pack & need to locate them?

    Keep well…

  2. Hi Duncan,
    and well done Allen, – Duncan, is this increase in activity something that has occurred before, – or indicative of changes elsewhere, or possibly an increase of available prey in the Western Sector ? any observations…

    We all learn so much from your sightings.

  3. Sorry you thought the posting was a waste of time, we are working on the problem and it should be rectified shortly, however I still believe the posting is worthwhile as it is very rare footage.

    Tim I am unsure why so much Wild Dog activity at the moment, there is definitely enough general game around to keep them busy, in fact the Pack of 11 killed two Nyala up at Rocky Crossing this morning and the Pack of 6 were also found again in the Machimbiri River resting up. In the 14 years I have been in the Western Sector I have never seen such much prelonged Wild Dog activity, all I can say is long may it continue.

  4. Hi Duncan, When my mom and I were there 2 1/2 weeks ago, we saw the pack of 11 with the 2 pups over at Lion Sands. They seem to get around. Wonderful to see them playing, as last year we didn’t see wild dogs. Love this website, but I didn’t get any of the video footage. I’m sure the problem is at my end. Thanks for all the great updates by you, Gary and Marius!

  5. How exciting for you and your guests. There is nothing quite as exciting as following the wild dogs while they are on a hunt.
    thanks for sharing and I got the video just fine.

  6. OH WOW!! Excellent job on those calls!! Doesnt even sound like a canine!!! Thank you thank you thank you for being there and sharing your world!

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