Leopard’s Leap family reunion interrupted

Posted on October 20, 2010

Four Leopard’s together!! First time I have witnessed this and wait there’s more…

Hlaba Nkunzi, her 2 cubs and the father of the cubs (Tegwaan male) were all together down in a river bed after feeding on an impala kill that she had made. Tegwaan was in the area and arrived on the scene during his territorial wanderings and no doubt claimed his share. Very special to see four leopard’s together!

There wasn’t much left of the kill and they had moved off about 100m to have a drink. I then heard on the radio that there were 3 lionesses moving north up the river directly towards our position, they had clearly picked up the scent of the kill! The anticipation was intense as we waited over half an hour watching the leopards oblivious to what was coming…

Hlaba Nkunzi proved yet again what a brilliant first time mother she is as she picked up the lions with her characteristic pose (sitting on her hind legs, head up, front legs in the air). The lions then chased them and each leopard ended safely up in a different tree.

Many thanks to my guest Cheryl(and aspiring NAT GEO film maker) for her great footage of this priceless moment. Enjoy.

[FMP width=”640″ height=”360″][/FMP]

7 thoughts on “Leopard’s Leap family reunion interrupted

  1. Wow…that is incredible stuff. Don’t get to see that often. Amazing how Hlaba Nkunzi tolerated Tegwaan with the cubs…

    Keep well

  2. Thank You Cheryl,

    As Dave said, "That was the sighting of a lifetime "

    She is becoming one truly awesome Mother Leopard, and look on the bright side – at least they had just about stripped the kill clean, so this time she was able to enjoy the fruits of her labours.

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