What can we do to help?

Posted on February 3, 2009

Hi Duncan….Drew again,

There has understandably been an outcry by what has happened…It is great to see so many people responding, giving their thoughts & possible solutions, although it is on such a sad occasion.

The question now is what can we all do to help change the situation, the laws & the people that govern our Wildlife… Surely something can be done? Firstly, I think the South African population do not have the faintest idea of what is going on with regards to our Wildlife….what they do hear, they hear on 50/50 & similar programs! Then comes the odd program about ‘Canned Hunting’, Thukela Elephants etc…which is fantastic but It is not in your face every single day, so people forget which is understandanable as they are so busy with their own lives.

Stories like the Sand River Pride should have been plastered over the front page of every major news paper throughout the entire country, it should have made headline news on TV & the radio, stating the FACTS of what happened!

What can we do to help?



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