Sand River Pride

Posted on February 2, 2009

In memory of a Great Pride.

As I read what had happened to the Sand River Pride, the tears flowed freely & I felt sick to my stomach…how could this happen? The people who are responsible for the death of these animals need to pay the price, justice needs to be done! Who do they think they are…they should not be in a position to make such decisions, especially in a government who is supposed to help protect the Wildlife of our country! These Lions could have been darted & brought back to the safety of the reserve. Those females fought so hard to protect those cubs & keep them alive only to meet their demise like that…it is not right! On too many occasions people get away with the murder of Wildlife & something needs to be done about it! I had the privelage of watching the cubs as they grew into the Beautiful males that they were…& my heart breaks at the thought of not seeing them again. My thoughts go out to you guys too as you have spent many more hours with them…you must be devastated!! I hope you don’t mind but I have uploaded a few pics of them…as a memory!

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  1. Thank you Brian and Andrea for this posting, wonderful memories of a great Pride. Louise, myself, our daughters and Vanessa and Marius all took a drive up to the Sand River last night and sat by the river watching the sun go down. The memories are good, but the feelings are still very raw and will probably remain so for a long time to come.

  2. Joan and I have been watching them grow for several years and we too think it’s a horrible situation. I don’t think "getting even" is the answer, although I certainly would like to see them punished. The answer , as far as I’m concerned is education. And I can’t think of any better teachers than Duncan, Marius, and Abraham.As I mentioned in another comment, as soon as the natives learn that animal equal jobs and money, they’ll stop killing the animal. If I knew how to put my pictures on the web site, I would do so, but I think we all have the same views.

  3. I too remember watching the pride on an evening walk and was so moved by their grace and beauty. ….and as I earlier postes and as Joan and Arnold mentioned, education and the realization that these animals equal jobs will hopefully put an end to senseless killing. :-(((((
    Joy in Camarillo

  4. I definately agree with education & I if it came across that the community must be punished…I am sorry! That wasn’t the case at all. I meant that the relevant authorities who are supposed to be educated in their field should be held accountable for what has happened. Leopard Hills are doing a fantstic job working so closely with the community. Just waned to clear that up, Thanks Drew

  5. I am just sicken by the thought that this pride is gone, as it brought us such joy seeing them and feeling a part of the great African animal kingdom.
    I am so sorry for your loss and ours as well.
    Marious, Duncan and Abraham, thank you for your continued service and efforts in helping to keep the animal kingdom alive.
    Bev Howard 08/09

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