Walking Safaris

Posted on March 23, 2008

Game Drives at Leopard Hills are great – no doubt! But I experienced something what allowed me to be closer to the bush –

it’s walking safari! After nice breakfast we met Hannes at the reception. He gave us a short guidelines how to cooperate while being out of camp. This is unbelievable! Suddenly, you are on the ground out of the lodge and you’ve got a chance to see different face of environment. There is a plenty of small creature invisible from the vehicle. Walking across tall grass, totally silent, still having some adrenalin, what if some Leopard will show up, what if you become “Impala” for hungry predator – surprisingly you feel safe under watchful eye of your Ranger and his big gun;-) Unfortunately raining season changed my plans and we did it only once – but I’m going to continue 🙂

Thank you Johannes soo much for this lovely moments, I still cherish them in my mind.

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  1. You make a great point. We all love to see the "Big Game", and sometimes forget how amazing the little things are, and there is no better way to experiencing these than out on foot in the bush.

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