Visitor to Room 5

Posted on April 30, 2008

It is always great when you have unexpected guests. I was in the office receiving a lesson on Blogging from Duncan, when my wife phoned to say there were Elephant outside our room…

Initially they stayed at the edge eating the grass & leaves. The Biggest of the 5 visitors, with a hole in his right ear, Rebel, came closer & then started drinking from our pool. He concluded by giving himself a dust bath.

Who needs game Drives!! (Sorry Raymond)

2008-04-29 Richard Buy

0 thoughts on “Visitor to Room 5

  1. All your photos are just great! So enjoyed looking at them. Tis place just the most amazing and the camp and staff are sooooooo wonderful!!!!!

  2. Richard, thanks for all the hard work that has gone into putting all these postings on the blog, trust me, I know how much goes into it. It was wonderful seeing you and the family at the "Hill", lets do it again soon.

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