Leopard in camp!!

Posted on February 7, 2010

Hi there,

We have arrived back in cold , misty and wet Yorkshire.

Wow what a fab time we had with you all at Leopards Hill.One of the highlights was when Tom , Bente , Frankie , Stephen and I were having a quiet lunch when the mother leopard decided to stroll round the decking and visit us ! Beautiful but a little scary when Frankie and Stephen realised they were viewing her at a distance of about a metre in an area where there was no glass!!!!! Lunch was never the same after that !

So many memories – like when Frankie and Adam entertained us on our final evening with some show songs- a magic moment !

Hope you had a good Birthday Gary !

Best wishes


0 thoughts on “Leopard in camp!!

  1. Wow, if this isn’t an experience of the sublime: beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Are her cubs still keeping Duncan out of the gym?

    Note to self: Must get back to Leopard Hills.

    Thanks for sharing these.
    Ann Owens-Moore

  2. Great pictures! Thanks Robina. We have really been having an exciting time.
    Frankie and Adam’s performance was brilliant- keep watching the video clip.
    Look forward to welcoming you back to the lodge one day soon!!

    Ann- Hlaba Nkunzi has moved her cub/s(??) to the cave which is situated under the Leopard Hills Kitchen.

  3. Woow!! What an awesome experience, although I bet it took your breath away! It’s impressive that you had the presence of mind to take photos, given the proximity.
    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. Happy Birthday Gary


  4. for once OMG actually seems appropriate
    Well done for getting photos impressive lack of camera shake I’d have been jelly!!!!

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