I can’t live without it!!!

Posted on February 27, 2011

Back at home in cold Austria, I would like to say “Thank you very much” to all of you at Leopard Hills.

Thanks for that wonderful time I have had again staying at my, in the meantime second home.

Thanks for your great hospitality, the excellent food during the whole day and for having each single minute such kind, friendly and always smiling people around me.

Thanks for all these small things arranged with love, as there was the all night bed time story, the chocolate on my bed before going to sleep……….

Special thanks to Heinrich and Simon, sharing their great knowledge with us, which made each game drive so unbelievable, amazing and exciting. It was a pleasure having you both as our guides.

We have had incredible viewings.

We saw 3 Cheetah feeding an Impala, we heard and saw twice 2 Lions roaring less than 5 meters away from us, which was a feeling I can`t describe with words. We saw a Hippo getting a Buffalo out of the water, we met 2 little Lion cubs and their mother. Every day we had the luck to see Leopards, even in a tree and we had the privilege to meet the famous female Leopard Hlaba Nkunzi( I hope here cub is still alive). We had also great sightings of Rhinos, Elephants, a big herd of Buffalos and 3 little Mongoose locking out of their “Home”.

And if there were no animals to look at (remember it is not a zoo), it was more than wonderful sitting on the vehicle listening, smelling, looking around and being part of these beautiful and so peaceful place on earth.

Another very special moment was our walk through the bush. Heinrich and Dave explained us a lot about the flora and fauna and we saw some of the smaller species, for example beautiful coloured spiders.

If you be aware of where you are walking, it is a feeling which I can`t describe.

Thank you guys for these great experience too.

Last but not least thank you Simon, preparing on each game drive all these delicious things for our coffee brake and sun downer in the bush. Your coffee with Amarula and your Gin Tonic are simply the best.

These are only some reasons why a stay at Leopard Hills is so specially and wonderful and why I can`t live without these paradise.

Being there for the first time, I got these special virus called ” Africa ” . That was the moment from which on I felt a very deep love for these country and why I have to come back again and again, because Leopard Hills became a very important part in my life.

I have seen so many places around the world, but for me Leopard Hills and everything around is the most beautiful place on earth!!!

So thanks a lot to all of you there again. I miss you so much and I hope, we will meet again soon.

Best regards and take care

10 thoughts on “I can’t live without it!!!

  1. Iris ? fantastic post! I can feel a power of your energy, love and devotion for LH!
    For a moment I thought I read my own article!:D Leopard Hills is a truly special place ? irreplaceable! From now on you have a bush in your blood forever and ever! Welcome to the club:)))))

  2. As always thanks for sharing the e-mails
    with us. We look always look forward to
    receiving them. In this one we cannot
    see the pictures. They come up like a
    big blur. Anything we can do.


  3. As always thanks for sharing the e-mails
    with us. We look always look forward to
    receiving them. In this one we cannot
    see the pictures. They come up like a
    big blur. Anything we can do.


  4. I have not been able to return to LH this year and it is a sad loss. Next year Fay & I will definitely return as it has a special place in our heart. Please pass on our regards to Raymond as last year he made our visit so special but also to everyone else who made it so special.I read with jealousy the blogs of this years visitors.

  5. Iris,

    great blog post! Really enjoyed reading it and it brings back so many good memories – was great having spent the week with you. We did see many wonderful animals and the best afternoon was the one up in the northern part of the reserve where we didn’t see anything other than golden orb spiders.

    I’m very impressed with the photos, seems like you had your camera out a lot more than what I thought!

    Looking forward to Michael and your return, hope it will be soon!

    Same with you Samanta and Serge, thank you for all your interest in our wonderful experiences at Leopard Hills – hope to see you soon!


  6. Heinrich,

    you are right. There are so many beautiful memories I will never forget and yes, it was a wonderful week we spent together.
    My favorit trip was also the one to the north. I love the area around the river very much. It is so peaceful over there and I wish I could stay there for hours.
    Maybe next time.

    I will do my best, to come back very soon. I miss you all so much!!!!


  7. I have said it before, and I will say it again, "Heaven on Earth" is not a statement, it is a place in Sabi Sands known as Leopard Hills!! Well done to all of you at the lodge for endearing to your visitors, the treasures of Africa!… We do live in the most spectacular place on Earth and I look forward to seeing you all again, as well as meeting you Heinrich.

  8. Hi Manny and Betty,
    Sorry for the delayed response regarding the images. It seems that the images have been saved as a .GIF file type, which is the wrong file type for photos.

    Iris, if you would like to send me the JPEG versions of your images, I am happy to repost them for you. GIF files do not work well for photos. You can just reply to the comment notification email, which should come to my inbox.

  9. Ok, I have reformatted all the images, resized them, enhanced the colour and uploaded them again.
    So you guys should be able to view them better now.

  10. Brilliant Article Iris, you and Michael are Awesome People with a True passion and appreciation for nature.all the best. thank you for the awesome images.

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