Awesome Stay…

Posted on July 7, 2011

We have just come back from an awesome night at Leopard Hills. Thanks so much to Duncan & Louise for their hospitality….you truly do have a little piece of paradise!! I don’t know what took us so long to get there but hopefully we will be back in the near future!! Thanks Heinrich for the great game drives & sightings – I must say, you are very considerate of your guests, always warning them…& making sure that no branches slap them in the faces or ‘grab’ them off the back of the vehicles!!! Thanks again for everything.

Drew, Brian & Mia

10 thoughts on “Awesome Stay…

  1. Another great safari and oh so satisfied guests!! yes, Heinrich is quite rightly protective and we def appreciate!! thanx for the pics and those beautiful faces!! babies are so cute but i love the second lion face—as if to say "yes, yes that’s me! King of the jungle!"

  2. Hi Drew. Great to eventually meet you and Brian and Mia after all this time, I hope it will be the first of many visits to the "Hills".

    Stunning pictures, thanks for sharing and say hi to Mia from all of us, she was quite a hit with the Staff.

  3. Thanks again to you Duncan – it was brilliant!! We will definately be back…Mia says ‘Hi’ & she thinks you are hysterical! We could have sat the whole
    night & listened to your bush stories!!! You need to write that book…

  4. what wonderful pictures!! I am so jealous you were able to see some cubs – just want to hug them…but better not. thanks

  5. Drew, so few words, yet so much said. Fantastic images and I especially like the Rhino calf, it is a keeper for sure. Leopard Hills does indeed have incredible guides in every regard.

  6. Hi Drew,

    This was indeed a spam comment. We get lots of these I am afraid. It is the sad reality of a popular blog. Everybody wants to spam it to get their links on it.

    I normally delete and block the offenders, but it seems I haven’t been getting the comment notifications lately. My mail server must be blocking them.

    I have removed all the recent spam comments.



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