Rangers Report June 2010

Posted on July 6, 2010

It has been a month of great sightings again……….

With the onset of winter the morning drives are getting a little chilly, but as we all know this hasn’t detracted from the game viewing.

Hlaba nkunzi and her 2 cubs have been a highlight on a good few safaris. In the begininig of the month she stashed her 2 cubs behind the boma on a pile of rocks, there is nothing like going on drive and the first thing seen is 2 4 month old leopard cubs.

Makubela has unfortunately lost one of her cubs to a mapogo and in that particular sighting her kill too!!! She was also reported injured on her back leg, we will keep you updated on her progress.

The Tegwan male has also been around doing his male thing covering about 5000 hectares. There has also been a young male leopard moving around in his territory but it seems like he is keeping a low profile.
Hlaba Nkunzi's cub

I posted a artical on the blog about one of the mopogo’s that was beaten up and killed by a young coolition that came in from the Kruger Park, I have since located a short video of the fight, (not for the faint hearted) check out the link,

The Ximungwe pride has 4 additions to the pride. One of the female has brought out her cubs to show, we estimate them to be about 2 months old.

Only yesterday night I had a sighting of the Ximungwe females. I decided to follow them, they started to hunt a herd of impala at sunset, after a missed attempt the impala the impala started running back towards the lions. We didn’t understand this at the time but what happened on later on in the sighting explained it all!!!!!

After all this mayhem a male lion came strolling up the road and met up with the lionesses, but this wasn’t the reason for all the chaos, they met under a marula tree and proceeded to do the lion greeting thing, there was alot of growling etc, but most of the growling was coming from up the tree. Little did we even know that the Tegwan male had bee chased up the tree by the sight of the lions, so 3 lions and a leopard in the tree, this was the reason for the impala running back at the lions amazing………

The Ottawa pride has lost one their cubs but the rest of the cubs are doing well and are seen fairly often on the eastern part of our concession.

This has been the month of elephant sighting, there has for some reason been elephants all over our traversing area. There has also been regular sightings of about 6 old bulls that are in musth which has made for some interesting viewing.

The big herd of 300 odd has made a few apperances on our property but other than that a few herds of “Dagga Boys” bachelor herd have been spotted. We do have one less buffalo thanks to the mapogos which provided us with about 4 days of great lion sighting from the lions to hyaena to the vultures that came to finish the carcass off.
Mapogo power

Wild dogs:
We only had one but never the less very special sighting of the pack of wild dogs this month, this was special because in 6 visits the Phillips family hasnt seen them and on their last afternoon drive we saw 5 dogs, hope you guys enjoyed.
Wild dogs

Till next month

Gary and the team.

14 thoughts on “Rangers Report June 2010

  1. Hi Gary, Nice to hear about all that you saw for the month of June. Sounded fun. Wish I had been with you! I wathced that video of the lions killing the other lion…Jeeze! Hope you are doing well. You’ll get to see Arnold and Joan in a month…that will be great. Stay well!

  2. Hi Gary its Bronte
    (the A team? remember that?)
    Just watched that lion video, very sad but sooo cool! I recognised your voice in that video straight away haha!
    How are you doing? Hope your well.

    From Bronte

  3. Gary,
    Always great to get your updates (we were there in 2007 and coming back this August, but unfortunately will be heading to Namibia and Malawi among others)….anyway, we couldn’t get that link – any chance of sending it again?
    Hope everyone is well and our best to all at Leopard Hills.

  4. Dear Gary:
    I would like to see the short video of
    the lion fight but I have tried the link
    you provided & can’t get it. Can you


  5. Morning all,

    My apoligies i have updated the link to the mapogo fight.

    Joan and Arnold see you soon.

    Bronte hope you are well, keep up the A team.

    Leigh hope to see you next time round.

  6. Hi Garry
    We appreciate the updates were getting from you guys.hope to again soon.

    Best regards


  7. Hey all,
    We love these updates. We were there in June and we have to say it was the most incredible experience of our lives and made our honeymoon very special. We can’t wait to find our way back. Hope everyone there is well (and tell Raymond we say hello)

    Brad and Amanda Kahn

  8. Hey all,
    We love these updates. We were there in June and we have to say it was the most incredible experience of our lives and made our honeymoon very special. We can’t wait to find our way back. Hope everyone there is well (and tell Raymond we say hello)

    Brad and Amanda Kahn

  9. Hey Gary,
    Remember all the Wild Dog sightings we had in September 08? It was awesome! I loved the puppies playing tug of war with the piece of rubber. You made our game drives so much fun! Thanks for the updates.

    Russ and Debbie Tate

  10. Dear Gary:
    Thank you so much for updating the link.
    Amazing Video but VERY VERY SAD. We love
    getting updates, keep them up. We will
    be visiting your Magnificient Country on
    7-30, staying at Kirkmans Kamp, Litte
    Bush Lodge, & Ivory Lodge. This will be
    trip #7 to Africa.
    Thanks again,
    Manny & Betty Aguila

  11. Hi Gary! Its CANADIAN Girl Danielle (a.k.a. SONY) and company were visiting last week.Thanks for the memories and one of the best times ever immaginable,Id like to thank u and Ronnie,Sabi Sands and Leopard Hills forver changed me,its indescribable,thanku thank u thanku Ron and Danielle

  12. Deb & Russ

    I remember that sighting like it was yesterday, hope to see you back at Leopard Hills.
    Ron & Danielle

    You guys were great, thank you too.

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