Basile has cubs again

Posted on January 26, 2020

It has been a long and eagerly awaited moment. Basile has finally moved her two cubs and we were there to witness it all.

She delivered her cubs around our lodge on 11 December 2019. As per our standard operating procedures, we will give the cubs at least six weeks before we start to view them. This alleviates some pressure off the youngsters who are trying to settle into their new environment.

Her most recent den site has been between some rocks and a dense, tree lined river bed. After spending a few minutes watching Basile lay close to the den, the cubs started getting active. Not long after, Basile started moving around and calling at the cubs. The cubs responded with the cutest little chirps.

As mom started to move down the river, one of the little ones started to climb down the rocks. It wasted no time and ran towards mom who was patiently waiting in the sand.

The second cub hesitated to follow its sibling. It cried so loud that the mom had to go back and try to keep it quiet. Eventually the cub had no choice, but to join.

Mom made her way down the river bed and lead them up to a new den site on a nearby hill.

Written by – Cal Butler

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